Drop Tine Buck
YouTube: Canadian Whitetail

Woman Arrows Massive Multi-Drop Tined Non-Typical for First Archery Deer

This massive whitetail is the stuff of dreams.

If you ask most hunters what their dream non-typical whitetail would be, most will probably describe a deer with a ton of drop tines. Mostly because it is so rare to find a deer with exceptionally large drops. For most hunters, shooting a deer with even one makes for the harvest of a lifetime.

In today's video, Kassandra Agarand is bowhunting in Saskatchewan for an exceptionally large non-typical whitetail that has six droptines, and most of them are huge. This massive buck is a regular on the trail cameras, but that does not make things easy for her on an early season bowhunt.

In the end, she must patiently wait, and she passes some nice bucks before she finally gets her chance at the non-typical of a lifetime.

What an awesome buck. No question about it, that is the deer of a lifetime for anyone. It may have taken a little longer than they had anticipated, but the plan worked to perfection and it was only a matter of time before they got the chance at this beast fresh out of velvet. It was a good plan to try and harvest this buck in the early part of the season. Drop tines are notoriously brittle and odds were probably good the buck would have snapped a few of those off once the rut came around and the fighting with rivals started.

There is an important lesson here on the importance of another year for some whitetails too. Not many hunters would have passed this deer the year prior. He was a nice buck the year before, but he turned into a world class animal after just one season. It is wild how many inches of antler they can pack on in one year.

This buck had a little of everything a hunter could possibly want. Height, width, mass, and character. To capture the whole hunt on film was just the icing on the cake. Congratulations on an amazing deer Kassandra!

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