Watch: Drone Exposes Labcorp Research Beagles

These dogs are clearly under incredible stress. There is a statement (read by the expert in the video) by the company saying they don't support what you see in the video and this isn't the full story. As far as ethics go, these Beagles are clearly not being treated well. So the full story is likely far worse than we can imagine, this is JUST a drone flying overhead.

Who captured this video?  Who is testing on these Beagles?

Covance Research Products, located in Cumberland, Virginia, raises thousands of beagles for research purposes. Covance is owned by LabCorp. LabCorp is responsible for these horrible conditions. 

The animal welfare organization that is spearheading this is called SHARK. SHARK stands for SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) and was founded in 1993 by former hunter Steve Hindi.  

SHARK drones video documented how the beagles are kept in overcrowded cages, where fighting and other signs of dominance occur, as well as repetitive behavior, which is a sign of stress.

The miserable conditions are obvious and they plan to show more videos in this series. Many cages were overfilled with dogs. Some dogs exhibit severe aggression to other animals in this unnatural environments. Some were mindlessly walking in circles over and over which is what you'll see many times in zoos.

The heartbreaking barking is about all I could take and even my two dogs were upset by this recording. This video has been watched over 66,000 times thus far.

These poor dogs. This must change so please sign this petition. 

WRIC News reported that Chaifetz, one of several SHARK Team investigators that recorded the Covance Research Products facility in Cumberland confirmed the drone was captured over a two-day period on June 29 until June 30.

"These cages were filthy there were feces and urine and all over it. We actually filmed one dog eating, you know, some of it," Chaifetz said.

How does this animal cruelty make you feel? Please leave a comment below. 

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