Drone Helps Rescue Stranded Fishermen

Can drones effectively serve as tools to help rescue fishermen?

Just ask the stranded anglers from the Sichuan Province in China.

According to Max Goldberg of thedrive.com, city officials from Guangyuan, China, decided to implement a drone during a recent rescue mission.

One fisherman was trapped against a wall, surrounded by violently swirling river rapids. The only way rescuers could safely get a floatation device to him was by drone delivery. Their drone dropped off an emergency throw ring before rescue boats could get there.

This process was repeated multiple times by tying a throw ring to the drone, and flying them to the men. Without the fishermen getting a floatation device first, their chances of drowning would have escalated. Rescue boats were allowed to retrieve the stranded anglers once they had a PFD in their possession.

There has been some debate recently regarding whether or not drones should be allowed when recreational fishing. Scouting from the air and "drone casting" are two popular methods that fishermen have utilized. Both techniques have called into question the ethics of such technology.

Fortunately, most people are in agreement that drones can effectively aid in search and rescue. Especially for the outdoor enthusiasts out there who enjoy participating in endeavors that often take them to hard to reach places. Whether it's in high country mountain terrain, or rough seas, drones can help locate those in need by providing a bird's eye view of the scene.

Without the help from a drone, the men is this story were at risk of drowning. It is a good idea to always wear a life jacket when fishing, especially around water as rough as these guys were by.