Hot Butt Buoys Are Turning Heads of Boat Drivers Everywhere

Are you tired of boaters ignoring your own regular buoys? With Butt Buoys, that will all change.

It's a classic scene—woman dives underwater, her swimsuit-covered rear surfaces and she's completely under again. The Butt Buoy takes total advantage of that mystique so people will pay attention to your new buoys, guaranteed. Whether you use marker buoys for the lake, river, or just want one floating in your own swimming pool, these make the perfect gift.

About 12 inches long and 8 inches tall, these Butt Buoys are fully functional and come in so many different colors! The outdoorsman or woman in your life with a real sense of humor will absolutely love these.

The anchor markers are a real marker indeed, and will even work on open water.


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Are you tired of people ignoring your plain buoys and just plowing right over them? It's time to literally stop them in their tracks, and what could do that better than a buoy shaped like a toned, firm butt! The boat marker buoys are inflatable for easy storage, and you can save some air using a hand pump.

With these bad babies, you will never confuse your boat buoy for another person's again. Seriously, how many other folks with have a butt buoy? You have your choice of color for the bathing suit bikini bottoms, from an American-themed rear to plain ol' neon pink. These water buoys will certainly not be missed.

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The best part? Currently, there are 87 customer reviews on Amazon for the butt buoys and the average rating is 4.5. That's quite a review for what is essentially a blow-up woman's rear-end. This won't classify as survival gear, so just tell your wife that all the regular marker buoys were sold out. Better yet, she might even love this!

You'll have to fight people off your new boating novelty, but hey, no one will be able to say you stole theirs, right? If you've ever wanted to feel like hot babes were frolicking around the boat, add this to your wishlist.