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Duck Commander's Jay Stone Shares Famous Spicy Crappie Recipe

If you need a crappie recipe, let us suggest this one. 

ExtremeAnglerTV and Krappie Kings know when a good crappie recipe just can't be beat. For example, this recipe is originally called "Spicy Japanese Crispy Crappie", and you are about to see why. If you have a bunch of fresh crappie fillets just sitting in your freezer, it's probably a good idea to thaw them out and put them to good use ASAP.

As you are about to see, this crappie recipe is fairly easy to reproduce. As the description of the video suggests, this is one of the most requested recipes out of their entire site.

Yep. That's a winner. It's also a recipe that can be duplicated with a variety of other freshwater fish as well. However, as I think most of us know, fresh crappies are awfully hard to beat just about any way you cook them.

On a side note, from time to time I've been known to catch fairly big crappies. As I just discovered after watching this video, fairly big crappies is a very relative term.

If you are like me, those fillets are bigger than my whole fish!


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Duck Commander's Jay Stone Shares Famous Spicy Crappie Recipe