Driverless Shuttle Crashes in Las Vegas in First Hour of Service

Who's to blame for the driverless shuttle crash in Las Vegas?

On its first day of free service, a shuttle operating in downtown Las Vegas was involved in a minor crash with a semi-truck.

No injuries were initially reported.

AAA is a main sponsor for the shuttle project, and Las Vegas was officially the first city in America to use such a system.

The shuttle had room for eight passengers and seat belts for each, with automatic braking mechanisms that trigger if something crosses its path.

A spokesperson for AAA claimed it was caused by the truck driver, but no official statements have been released yet.

Lines were long to take one of the route's first trips, and service was intended to run for the next year.

Now the questions will be asked: Should we really be boarding driverless shuttles because they're safer? Or is the want to be first outweighing the need to ensure safety?