YouTube's Most Perplexing Ghost Car Crashes

Ready for some ghost car crashes? These onlookers weren't!

Now and then, YouTube crash clips invoke the dead with "ghost cars" appearing out of nowhere, causing a road wreck.

We're presenting three ghost car crashes that have us scratching our heads, frantically performing frame-by-frame analysis to spot irregularities like amateur detectives.

White BMW Gets Caught

In this clip, a white BMW passes through a busy Singaporean intersection before being blitzed by a passing car out of thin air,

Upon closer inspection, camera angles and obscuring shadows beneath the trees appear to block it from the camera's view. Slow down the video at about the 0:45 mark and you will see the ghost car's roof sneaking into the frame.

Russian Smash

In this clip, a random ghost car hits the frame at 0:41, its hood emerging to the left of the turning vehicle.

What is particularly curious is that there appears to be no driver. Freeze at 1:24, where one could argue the small shadow is the car's actual B-pillar, not a driver.

Read the YouTubers' captivating explanations on everything from technical camera effects called "rolling shutters," lag, or the good ol' "Putin was responsible."

Out of the Trees

In this clip, a gray sedan sweeps along a curved, hilly road.

Starting at 0:12, a shadow emerges from the bush in the bottom right frame. Watch its roof emerge at 0:10 before disappearing quickly, then reappearing. With the volume turned up, you can also vaguely make out screeching wheels before it makes the impact.