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The Love Story Behind 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'

Have you seen 'The Incredible Dr. Pol' on Nat Geo? Country life in Michigan isn't for sissies. We've been watching the series for years and fell in love with every vet in their clinic. These vets are saving large and small animals every single day.

Here's a quick family profile on the Pol family and a little about the love story! The 'About Section' on the Nat Geo Wild site about the show says it perfectly:

  • Dr. Pol works tirelessly to ensure family farmers remain in business.
  • His goal is to keep farmers' livestock healthy and their businesses profitable.
  • Dr. Pol is also an advocate for animal education through 4-H and the National Future Farmers of America organization.

You don't even have to finish watching one episode to see how passionate Dr. Pol is about his local farming community.

About 'The Incredible Dr. Pol' show

This Nat Geo Wild show features both large animals, farm animals, and small animals in rural Michigan. Some of the veterinary medicine is performed at dairy farms and many small animal procedures are done at the clinic.

The reality show is about the veterinary care that Dr. Pol and his team of vets perform throughout Michigan. Animal lovers, pet owners, and DVMs will be addicted to this TV Show. Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily are just two of our fave vets on the show. Dr. Brenda is an expert with reindeer.

Nation Geographic does a wonderful job showing viewers all the farm calls. Those episodes about large animals are some of my favorites. He also has first-time vets on the show that just graduated from veterinary school. Their practice is sometimes looked at as old school but based on my training as a Certified Vet Tech the farm calls look legit.

The glue that holds it together: Diane and Jan Pol

Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol run the clinic with help from their son Charles. Charles brought the idea of this television series about the family veterinary practice to Dr. Pol and the rest is history.

A year-long study abroad program in high school brought him to Mayville, Michigan. He met Diane there, who later would become his wife. The couple has now been married for over 50 years.

The Chicago Tribune interview the couple in 2018.

"Diane works in the office and though she's the less talkative half of the couple, during a recent trip to Chicago she noted firmly: "We started our practice together. And I've always been a part of it." It is a fully collaborative effort, one defined by good humor and easygoing personalities."

Latest Pol family member 

Dr. Jan Pol's son, Charles, that appears on the show and his wife Beth are the proud new parents of a baby girl named Abigail Pol, who was born in central Michigan on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019.

How amazing is this vet? We love them all the animals he's helping! Please leave a comment below. 

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