snakes at Enchanted Rock
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Dozens of Snakes Seen Slithering Around at Enchanted Rock

If you make your way down to central Texas' Enchanted Rock, make sure you watch your step!

There's nothing that makes the average Texan cringe like the thought of a snake stealthily slithering near them. So, if you fit this description and you have any pending plans of hitting up the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, one of central Texas' most popular tourist destinations, be sure to keep any eye out for these sneaky serpents.

According to the Austin American-Statesman and a post from the park's Instagram account, there's a low-water crossing near the park's entrance that's become quite the hot spot for snakes.

In the video, you can see the snakes gathering at a runoff, where they appear to be drinking, eating and potentially mating.

The following clip apparently only shows a mild example of the increase in snakes, according to the report, as far more have been spotted swimming in the area.

Watch the video below:

Texas Parks and Wildlife herpetologist Paul Crump told the Statesman tourists should use caution this time of year as snakes are more active in late spring and early summer.

What would you do if you were already in the water swimming and realized this was going on all around you?

Personally, I think I'd be out of that water faster than I could ever get in! I'm really not even that scared of snakes, but there's just something about being in the water with snakes that's just unnerving!

According to the report, these were nonvenomous plain-bellied water snakes, so I suppose that should make visitors feel a little better, but if you ask me, snakes are snakes!