worst snake season

Virginia Experiencing Worst Snake Season of All Time

Snake numbers are extremely high in the Old Dominion this year.

For all of you Virginians with a fear of snakes, we know this probably isn't the best news. However, there are ways to avoid an unfortunate encounter with your slithery foes.

Snake numbers are the highest they've ever been, though, according to Richard Perry, the owner of Virginia Wildlife Management and Control.

"It's the perfect day for them to be out," he told WWBT in an interview. "We had a lot of rain and we had some pretty warm spells in February."

Perry sees three snake species in central Virginia, only one of which is venomous. However between black rat snakes, black racers and copperheads, he's been seeing more this year than any other.

As far as avoiding them goes, he says most of the hot spots are actually man-made, meaning the chances of an encounter are high but easily to manipulate.

"One of the biggest problems we run into are snakes in garages, sheds, crawl spaces, attics," Perry said. "A snake would automatically be attracted to railroad ties. They love them."

He said spots with high grass or piles of junk and debris are also extremely common places of an encounter.

"The worst mistake you can make is to decide to leave brush piles and leaves around," he said.

The best way you can help yourself to avoid a snake encounter is by staying alert at all times. Whether you're up in your attic or you're weed-eating near a pile of stuff out back, just be careful.

Perry also claims trying to deter venomous snakes from coming to your property is a lost cause.

"Snake away, sulfur, moth balls. I'm going to catch heck for this because people swear by mothballs: It does not work," he said.