Double Decapitation of Two Toms at the Same Time

Bowmar's succeed with two incredible shots on a turkey hunt they will never forget!

Bow hunting turkeys is a great way to keep your archery skills crisp and on point until deer season. A great challenge and an awesome experience at that.

Bowmar's await the sight of some turkeys to work into range and before long they get their wish. The outdoor fitness focused couple proceed to decapitate to beautiful birds. Head shots for turkeys have grown in popularity, and it is very effective if you are confident in your shooting abilities.

Doubling up on a hunt is awesome. Doubling up on two birds with bows just seconds apart is amazing. Getting both with decapitating head shots and dropping them in their tracks? Well, that doesn't happen very often.

Double whammy! Double decapitation.

Nothing quite beats the sight of a gobbler in full strut. An array of beautiful feather colors, spring greens appearing, and the bright red and blue of a turkey head scream that thunder chicken chasing is on!

Practice up and see if you can find the same results this spring that the Bowmar's had.

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