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GoPro Captures Picture-Perfect Turkey Headshot

This video has it all: amazing videography, a trophy tom, and a perfect archery turkey headshot decapitation.

New Jersey turkey hunter Joe Elbeuf was patient. He had meticulously set up his GoPros in strategic locations in the hopes of capturing a successful solo hunt archery turkey kill. He calls it the Bermuda Triangle.

Earlier that morning, Elbeuf passed on a tom just because he knew the camera angles wouldn't be right. In the end, his patience paid off in a big way.

Elbeuf arrowed a tom that came charging in to his decoys at five yards and, thanks to his Muzzy MORE broadheads, took his head clean off.

This is one video you have to see to believe.

Warning: GRAPHIC

Great shooting in New Jersey!

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GoPro Captures Picture-Perfect Turkey Headshot