Double Bearded Turkey
YouTube: Plinkster Outdoors

Hunter Downs Awesome Double Bearded Turkey in Howling Winds

This double bearded turkey was unexpected.

For most turkey hunting enthusiasts, a double bearded gobbler is one of the coolest birds one can harvest. Depending on your area, these birds can be either extremely common or so rare that some hunters go their whole lives without ever seeing one. Either way, it's a cool surprise to down a bird with an unexpected bonus.

Today's video comes to us from rimfire shooting guru 22plinkster. We're used to watching him pull off trick shots on his home range, but he also loves to hunt. In this hunt, he's down in Florida looking for an Osceola gobbler that's been photographed by trail cams in the area.

Unfortunately, conditions are more than less than ideal. In fact, they're downright horrible with some strong gusting winds. The group has all but given up for the day when the bird they're after starts charging into their decoy setup.

The morale of the story here is that a hunt is never over until it is over. As you could see there, the weather conditions were some of the worst possible for an early spring turkey hunt. Those winds were whipping like crazy and these guys had already given up any hope of seeing anything this day.

Of course, this is how hunting usually works. Opportunities come along when one least expects it. Or at least that's the way it has always been for us. Fortunately, the crash course 22 gave Courtney in running the camera paid off. She did a great job of capturing this bird as it was strutting in. The bird did almost spook at the last possible second. Fortunately, it was close enough for him to make a clean shot and drop the double bearded gobbler instantly. We can't blame him for wanting to get this one mounted.

We don't know about you, but this has us pumped for turkey season to start. We're hoping we'll find our own double bearded Tom this season!

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