Double Beam Buck
YouTube: Chris Bee

Michigan Bowhunter Downs Double Beam Buck With Tons of Character

This Michigan buck has a ton of character.

There is nothing quite like early November. Especially here in Michigan when the rut starts to kick in and the big bucks are on their feet looking for does. It's the ideal time of year to sit that perfect spot that you scouted all summer. All the frustrations of the previous season just melt away during this magical time of year.

Even more so when the it's a frosty morning in the woods and the big bucks are moving. That's what plays out here with YouTuber Chris Bee. He gets into the stand a little late, but it ends up not mattering because the deer are moving.

While watching a nice 10-pointer, another buck walks into view. It's an awesome and unique double beam buck with tons of character that any hunter can appreciate.

We know that we just got past hunting season a few months ago, but this video transported me right back to the deer woods. I'm already missing it and looking forward to a fresh start next season. Being a Michigan hunter myself, I know how hard it is to take a nice buck here. Michigan is a high-pressure state and our whitetails don't behave in quite the same manner as deer in other states.

That just makes it more satisfying when a plan comes together and you harvest a buck you've been watching, as Chris did here. It's unfortunate one of the blades of the broadhead broke, but the buck still fell within sight of his treestand. One can't ask for much better than that.

Odds are, this deer won't score very well due to the discrepancies between the two sides, but I know few hunters who would pass up the opportunity at such a cool-looking buck. It's not every day one sees a double main beam.

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