Indiana Deer Season

Hunter Smokes Big Buck on Camera During Indiana Shotgun Deer Season

This bolt-action makes short work of a big buck in the firearms deer season.

Indiana is something of an overlooked state when it comes to deer hunting season. To be fair, it's sandwiched between two arguable deer hunting meccas in Ohio and Illinois. It's also a state where access to private land is best since public land spots are at a premium and quite pressured statewide.

However, the Hoosier state holds a variety of upland game, and small game, and waterfowl hunting opportunities. Popular game birds like pheasant, quail, wild turkey are plentiful and season bag limits generous. There's also plentiful big game in whitetail deer. Many incredible bucks are harvested in Indiana every year and go relatively unnoticed by many hunting enthusiasts. It's a great place to go for archery season or muzzleloader season if you want to fly under the radar a bit. Hunting licenses are surprisingly affordable, even for nonresidents.

Don't take our word for it. Just watch this short, but exciting video from YouTube's bellbucksnbeards. He's out behind his grandparent's place during firearms season. It doesn't take long before a dandy of a buck happens along and he self-films the whole thing.

What an exciting hunt and a great buck to boot! We love these amateurly-filmed big game hunting videos. Without all the big production values, it feels like you're right there in the tree with this guy as he downs this buck. As a Michigan resident, it kind of makes me want to pick up an Indiana deer license and head south to see what else is running around to the south of me.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources appears to have done a decent job of managing the herd down there. The cool thing about Indiana hunting for deer is that you can bag up to two antlered deer a season. Many big buck states won't let you do that. You can also harvest plenty of antlerless deer. Some of the deer reduction zones have limits of 10 animals. That's a lot of venison for the freezer. Enough to feed family and friends!

This video also shows just how effective a 12-gauge shotgun with slugs can be on whitetails. That slug hit hard and brought that buck down quickly, making for an easy recovery. Congrats on the great buck!

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