Donkey Shaming 101: The Many Faces of Charlie the Donkey

Charlie the donkey has quite the personality. 

Charlie the donkey is a seven-year-old gelding mammoth/standard cross donkey. He lives at Foghorn Farm in Wellington, Colorado where he helps educate donkey owners and advocate for donkey welfare.

But he is also a little bit naughty.

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He bugs the chickens. 

donkey nuzzling chicken

He tries* to help with farm chores. 

donkey with rake in mouth and wheelbarrow of manure

He loves toilet paper.

donkey with toilet paper wrapped around head

And likes to give wedgies.

donkey grabbing back of person's pants 

He knows which faces give him the most treats.

donkey muzzle between gate bars

donkey muzzle

But also knows how to get in the way. 

donkey pushing wheelbarrow

And apparently has a taste for electric wires...

Charlie loves to play with his friends. 

two donkeys playing in snowy pasture

And is always the center of attention. 

donkey muzzle

So even though he can be naughty...

Donkey playing with traffic cone

And his mom shames him for it...

donkey shaming

Charlie is loved by all. 

woman hugging donkey named Charlie

Charlie lives with donkeys that are trained to be able to ride. He was a riding donkey until he sustained a stifle injury and now is just the resident troublemaker at Foghorn Farm.

Donkeys make great additions to any farm. They are loving and have huge personalities. While some can be trained to ride, they can help around the farm by providing plenty of entertainment and company to other herd animals.

Do you have a donkey? We want to see it in the comments below!

All photos courtesy of Rachel Karneffel/Foghorn Farm

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