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That Time Uncle Sam Attacked President Trump

Do you remember hearing about this? The viral scene happened back in 2015, but it's still worth watching.

During a visit on the campaign trail, current President Donald Trump met up with the famous 27-year-old bald eagle known as Uncle Sam. The photoshoot was set up by TIME Magazine, which was doing a cover story on the Republican Party candidate.

But behind-the-scenes footage of the photoshoot revealed the bird wasn't so calm in meeting the future president of the United States! Bored Panda explained the harmless yet funny moment:

"When Trump reached for something next to Uncle Sam, the eagle lunged, making Trump recoil in shock. 'What you will do for a cover - this bird is seriously dangerous but beautiful,' said Trump after the incident. Meanwhile, the Internet has been busy, creating gifs and memes of the hilarious incident."

About 'Uncle Sam', the bald eagle

Business Insider tells us that the bald eagle appeared in plenty of photoshoots over the years, meeting famous faces from Stephen Colbert to former President Bill Clinton. Uncle Sam even reunited with Trump at a golf course that same year.

Jonathan Wood, the bird's handler, said that besides these few moments (in the video that went viral), the shoot went very well.

Social media including thousands of tweets and trending YouTube videos went crazy when this happened. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you'll love this video. Uncle Sam is another superhero helping to make America great again.

Do you think the White House should get a pet that lives with the first family? Please leave a comment below. 

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