Dogs in Food Is the Best Instagram Account and Makes Dogs Look So Tasty

Dogs belong in food.

Because, let's face it, they look like food sometimes...

Like how Corgis look like loaves of bread.

Dogs also love food...and some of the cutest dog names are food names.

It only makes sense that the next big Instagram page involves dogs and food, specifically dogs in food.

The Instagram account dogs_infood compiles dogs expertly photoshopped into food pics. It's perfect for the dog lover and ultimate foodie. And, there are a lot of those...

Here we have a Goldendoodle hiding in a basket of tater tots.

And have you ever thought how much a Shar Pei looks like a soup dumpling?

Or that a Dalmatian looks exactly like cookies and cream ice cream...

Poodle curls look like rice balls, right?

A Chocolate Lab can pass for an avocado seed.

And a Rottweiler looks at home on the top of a donut cake.

We are so happy this Instagram account exists because Pomskies belong in baked potatoes,

and Yorkies in peanut butter cups.


Dogs just look more at home next to food...

Do you love this Instagram account? Tell us in the comments below.

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