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Dogs Around the World Attempting the Egg Challenge

After a golden retriever showed off her gentle egg-holding skills, other dogs are being put to the test. Sookie the golden retriever recently gained Internet stardom after her owners filmed a video of the dog holding an egg in her mouth. Though it takes some coaxing to get Sookie to give her mom back the egg, the shell remains intact—not a crack can be found after sitting in the dog's mouth.

Carrie and Steven DuComb of Michigan know that Golden Retrievers are notorious for their gentle mouths, and wondered if the myth that they can hold an egg in their soft mouths without breaking was true. Goldies were bred for waterfowl hunting, delicately retrieving prey with their mouths. As Sookie so expertly showed, their jaws are delicate indeed, and the egg just sits gently in the golden retriever's mouth.

The DuCombs niece posted the video on the Elizabeth Gillies fan account Twitter handle where it quickly took off.

Now, all sorts of dogs and dog owners are attempting the egg challenge.

Carrie, a licensed veterinary technician, said success of of the egg game isn't just breed-dependent. Temperament plays a role, too. Carrie said her boss' golden retriever isn't patient enough to partake in the egg challenge.

Of course, the video received some backlash from folks concerned the dog might swallow the raw egg, or that the egg could be a choking hazard if it passed into the dog's throat. But Carrie, trained in the veterinary field, knows her dog. Sookie apparently will do anything for treats and wouldn't think about eating the egg.

For the most part, pet owners everywhere are getting a kick out of the successes and epic fails of their dogs giving the egg challenge a try. They're sharing them on social media, and many different dog breeds—including Pit Bulls, Golden Doodles, and more—are testing out this challenge.

This good dog was successful...

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