Doggo Awards: 20 More Epic Fetch Fail Accolades

WATCH NOW: Dogs Failing at Fetch

These dogs are winners at failing at fetch.

Because you loved our first epic fetch fail montage so much, we thought we'd check in with the pooches to see if their catching skills have improved. For many, it seems, they haven't.

Sometimes gravity is to blame. Sometimes it's the human. Sometimes it's the doggo.

The Doof

The Close Call

The One That Got Away

The Back Toss

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The Flying High

The Potty Pass

The No, Thank You

The Derp

The Overzealous

The Double Trouble

The Swing and a Miss


The Flower Power

The Slow-Mo

The Oopsy Daisy

The Boink

The Behind the Back

The A for Enthusiasm

The Toilet Dilemma

The Happy Doodle

We learned a few things putting this media together:

Dogs make great derp faces, and apparently, it's not that uncommon for the ball to end up in the toilet. Also, when it comes to dogs, catch or fail, they're all winners.

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