Enzo The Golden Retriever Is The Dog That Won't Go Inside

Your dog runs outside for his daily walk, but when it's time to go home, your dog won't go inside.

A familiar setting for many dog owners. Fido loves to go outside for his walk or daily trip over to the dog park. But going back home? Not so much. If you can get your doggy in the driveway, you still may have trouble getting your pup inside. If you're thinking, "Yes! My dog won't come inside either", we want you to know you aren't alone. Enzo, the Golden Retriever, doesn't want to go inside either, and his mom fully documented his tantrum for the whole internet to witness.

Dog Won't Go Inside


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Enzo went out for his walk but did not want to come back inside. His solution? Plopping down on the driveway and licking his leash. No matter how much his dog owner coaxed, pulled, or tried to cajole him into getting up, he stayed lying down on the concrete. Now, this obviously was not the first time Enzo had done this, and his mom had a plan. While she understood that he did not want playtime to end, it was time to go inside.

Since the come command was not working, she pulled out the treats to bribe her pooch all the way up to the porch. The tasty treats got Enzo up and heading in the right direction. Most behaviorists will agree that some positive association will make a world of difference when your dog is being stubborn. Teach your dog that coming inside is just as fun as being outside, and they will eventually jump on board with the idea. Granted, some dog breeds do enjoy being outside more than others and will need to spend the right amount of time outside each day, which for some might not be just a quick walk.

Why Does My Dog Not Want To Come Inside? 

Housetraining and crate training can be the two biggest hurdles when bringing home a new dog for some dog parents. Though, getting them to come inside isn't usually a huge issue. Generally, it is the opposite. Dogs have a hard time going outside to go potty and poop. But there are unicorn dogs that really throw fits about coming inside.

There may be a couple of reasons why your dog won't go inside. Some reasons are:

  • Your dog needs more time outside
  • You need to let your dog out more often
  • They are getting used to a new home
  • Negative associations with being indoors
  • Enjoys being off-leash and outside

Most dogs want to listen to their owners, but if they enjoy being outside or feel like they have better mental stimulation doing something else, they will tend to ignore commands. One of the best things to correct dog behavior is to provide plenty of positive experiences both indoors and outdoors. One important part of dog training is to offer rewards for behaviors you want your dog to repeat. Aka, keep some treatos on hand.

If you are having a particularly hard time getting your dog to come inside, you can always work with a dog trainer, especially if you have a perpetually stubborn pup, good luck!

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