Keep Your Pup Cool With the Best Dog Swimming Pools of the Summer

Most dogs love to be outside, but spending time in the sun can become dangerous when temperatures start to soar. A great way to keep your dog cool this summer is by investing in one of the best dog swimming pools. These pools are big enough for dogs to splash and play in without being fully submerged. (Check out our vet-approved summer safety tips for more information about safe swimming!) Of course, if your pup loves to get totally soaked, they can always lay down and roll around in the water. There are plenty of different dog pools to choose from, with sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The picks on our list are made with durable materials that can stand up to rough play and long nails. Some of the most popular dog swimming pools even have slip-resistant surfaces and fold up for easy storage. And if you're not sure whether a dog pool is right for you pup, you can always try out a splash pad!

1. Best for Big Dogs

Yaheetech Foldable Outdoor Hard Plastic Dog & Cat Swimming Pool - Chewy, $71.99

If your pup falls into the large dog breed category, they will need lots of room to splash and play The Yaheetch pool comes in extra-large sizes, giving your pooch plenty of space. They may even have room to invite a four-legged friend!

The large puppy pool is made with a combination of durable PVC and MDF boards. There is no need to pump anything up, and the base is anti-skid—so the pool won't go anywhere if your dog gets a little too excited when they jump in. The drainage valve is in an easy-to-reach spot, and it folds for convenient storage when playtime is over. Since it's compact, it makes a great portable dog pool for traveling swimmers.

2. For the Small Dogs

Pet Adobe Dog Swimming Pool & Bath Tub - Chewy, $32.95

Big dogs don't get to have all the fun! Here is a dog swimming pool for pups 40 pounds and under. This option measures 30.5 inches across and 12 inches tall, giving your dog enough space to play without feeling like they are too deep in the water.

The foldable pool is made with a thick PVC material to prevent any accidental toenail punctures. The drain is a simple twist-off cap, and once it's empty, the pool folds nicely into its own carrying bag.

3. Best Splashy Option

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad for Kids and Dog - Amazon, $39.95

For pups that like to splash more than they like to soak, this durable splash pad has an anti-slip surface to prevent it from becoming an accidental slip-and-slide. Just hook up a hose and get ready for some water fun! Your pup will love running through the streams of water.

4. Best Inflatable Dog Pool

Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs - Amazon, $29.99

Looking for a pool with a little bit of character? This inflatable pool is made specifically with pups in mind. The scalloped edges give it a wave-like effect and make it easy to get in and out of, perfect for pups who don't like jumping over barriers. While the inflatable pool is designed to stand up against your dog's nails (once they are trimmed), it may tear if they try to bite it. Remember to always supervise play time!

5. A Shady Oasis

ShelterLogic Outdoor Pet Shade and Sun Shelter - Amazon, $108.36

Fun in the sun doesn't have to include getting burnt. (Yes, dogs can get sunburn too!) Dog owners can keep things shady with this durable sun shelter made of anti-rust steel and materials that protect from UVA and UVB rays. With added shade, your pup can really play in their pool for hours. The shelter also has anchors to secure it to the ground, just in case it gets breezy!

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