This Dog-Friendly Splash Pad Has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

It's officially hot dog summer—but we don't mean the kind with mustard and a bun.

Every dog owner knows that scorching summer days mean a panting pooch. That's why when the sun comes out, dogs need to kick back and cool off. (Just like humans!) This season, you and your pup can take summertime fun to a new level with a backyard splash pad. Setting up this outdoor water mat with a built-in sprinkler is the easiest way to beat the heat while making some core summer memories. Your pooch can thank you later!

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad - $42.95

This pup-friendly play mat is easy to fill and drain, and it's available in three different sizes for dogs big and small. Simply attach your hose and choose from three spray levels depending on your desired splash amount and watch your dog go wild! Reviewers agree that unlike other blow-up pools out there, this splash pad can be ready to use in minutes and won't puncture on the first use. Designed with an extra-thick material, you won't need to worry about your pet's paws damaging the durable pad. "My dog keeps pawing at the water with his nails and it's not affecting the material or tearing at all," one happy customer said.

With thousands of five-star reviews, the VISTOP splash pad has received the paw print of approval from parents and their fur babies everywhere. (It's apparently great for human kids, too!) One reviewer claimed it's the "best and easiest heat-beater yet," while another dubbed it their "best summer purchase to date." Act fast, because the top-rated splash pad is on sale right now for as low as $43.

What's not to love? Treat your four-legged friend to a tail-wagging summer!

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