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Dress Your Dog as Santa's Little Helper With a Reindeer Sweater

I recently saw a quote that said, "Even the Grinch had a dog." Whoever wrote that made a good point! Even Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas had a pair of antlers. He sure did make the cutest reindeer dog! I've been obsessed with this look since. I'm buying all of my dog mom friends a dog reindeer costume for their sweet fur babies.

I have ideas for the dog reindeer costumes. They can take the cutest Christmas family photos with their dogs on Christmas day. How sweet would it be to dress your dog up as a reindeer with this pet costume? Now I say costume, but this outfit is simply a dog sweater. Instead of putting your dog in a normal dog sweater on Christmas, put this dog reindeer costume on them.

Zoo Snoods Reindeer Dog Costume - Neck and Ear Warmer Snood for Pets

I think dogs feel our warm cheery spirits during the holiday season. Let them show off their holiday spirit. Honestly, the pets in this dog costume might be cuter than our favorite reindeer, Rudolph. Look at those sweet knitted reindeer antlers! If you get this for your dog, be sure to post pictures of your sweet pooch.

This costume comes in sizes small, medium and large. Chihuahuas and pugs won't have an issue fitting in this costume. Unfortunately, it's not available in a size x-large. If you have a large dog who often doesn't fit in pet clothes, there's an alternative for your big dog. You can get your furry friend a headpiece or headband with reindeer antlers. Your dog will be the star of your holiday party.

Customer reviews are great! Check out the pictures of the sweet doggies in the reviews. Seriously, this is the cutest! Make use of this dog reindeer costume more than once if you love it. You can save this costume for each holiday season, or use it as a Halloween costume. That's right. You and your dog can be Santa Claus and Rudolph for Halloween. Or even better, the Grinch and Max.

Soon your pup will look like he's guiding Santa's sleigh!

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