Potty Train Your Dog With This Genius $10 Product

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go, and dogs are no different.

Dog potty training bells put an end to owner-caused accidents. Dogs, like people, aren't always able to relieve themselves on schedule. Sure, most of the time your daily walking routine works out just fine. But we have all had the experience of walking up to (or worse, into) a surprise on the floor left by our perfectly trained dog. Not expecting him to need to go out in between walks, we were likely not in tune with his signals.

Enter Bluetree Dog Doorbells, from the files of "Why didn't anybody think of this before?" A door strap festooned with silver bells, which your pupper can ring to let you know he's gotta go! The big, thick-walled bells ring clearly but gently on your ears. The belt is made of heavy duty nylon so it won't fray or tear. And they're adjustable to three lengths, so whether you have a Pekingese, Poodle, or Portuguese Water Dog, your pupper will be able to use his new communication too. They're even sold as a set of two, so you have one for the front door and one for the back.

Bluetree Dog Potty Training Bells

As much as we were taken with this cute idea, we did wonder how easy it would be to get a dog to actually use it. Would it be more trouble than it was worth? Well, to begin with, at $10.55 for two, it would have to be an awful lot of trouble. Which, according to reviewers, it most definitely is not. The Bluetree Dog Doorbells have an average 4.6 star rating on Amazon, based on more than 24,000 reviewers.

One gleeful puppy parent wrote "These work! They really really work! I wasn't sure it could be this easy, but after one week of being consistent and showing my 9 week old puppy these bells every time she goes out to potty, she has it down! It is a dream come true."

Another reviewer lamented that she felt terrible for her Boston Terrier, who didn't know how to let her know he needed to go out. "Buster was just sitting by the door in silence til he peed! It took less than 48 hours of bell ringing for him to get the gist. We actually took off the top set and put it on an old leash on the outside so he could tell us when he wanted to come in. Best invention ever!"

A bonus: the shiny silver bells look nice with any decor, and at holiday time, festive. Ring in the new year with dog potty training bells and an end to doggie accidents.

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