A Cat Collar With Bells Is the Kind of Noise We Don't Mind Hearing

It doesn't take much to entertain a cat. But we love a good toy that doesn't keep us awake at all hours. Laser pointers, a shredded sock, something stuffed with catnip. That said, these cat collars with bells may not seem as fun as a certain dog collar, but they can keep your small pet safe.

The world of pet products keeps growing, from gourmet foods to feline hammocks. The right pet collar doesn't just get your furry pal some bling, it helps them be seen and heard at home or outside.

Cute Cat Collars With Bells

1. GoTags Personalized Cat Collars with Breakaway Buckle Safety Release , Custom Embroidered Nylon Collar with Pet Name and Phone Number, Adjustable ID with Bell Cat Kitten Puppy Collar

These cat ID tags remind me of a 90s summer camp bracelet. I don't remember the show Bug Juice ever showing an outdoor cat then, but now that adult millennials are deciding travel trends, something tells me a summer camp for your pets is out there.

2. Taglory Reflective Cat Collar Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell, 2 Pack

Not only does this jingle bell help your pet cat be heard, but a reflective strip makes sure they are seen with a flash of light. They're best-sellers for a reason. Cat tested, mother approved (okay, no more 90s jokes).

3. Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie and Bell, Cute Plaid Patterns, 1 or 2 Pack Kitty Safety Collars

Don't just keep your cat safe, keep them stylish! A bow tie cat collar is as dapper as a certain secret agent. A quick-release safety buckle helps your kitty escape any danger just as easily.

4. Jamktepat 3 Pack Leather Cat Collars with Bells Soft Pet Safety Collar Kitten Collars with Bell Black Chocolate Beige

A leather cat collar is a less pronounced style than the bow tie, but pet bells work the same. Amazon reviewers report that the leather won't be abrasive to your favorite feline as these are high-quality pet supplies. Style points are 10/10— this is one attractive jingle bell.

5. KOOLTAIL Breakaway Cat Collar Bells and ID Tags Personalized - Glow in The Dark Pattern Collars with Wooden Handwriting Name Identify Tags Adjustable.

There had been a promise of no-more 90s references, but don't these collars remind you of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling? The bell hangs side-by-side a star-shaped name tag (just for nostalgia's sake). This adjustable cat collar helps you see your fur baby in the dark, it actually sounds like a memory.

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