Cute Dog Not Allowed to Run for Kansas Governor Seat

Kansas had a gentleman canine vying for governor.

Angus P. Woolley, wire-haired Vizsla of Mr. Terran Woolley in Hutchinson, Kansas, planned to be on the ballot in the upcoming state election.

Kansas does not have an age requirement for candidates prompting numerous teenagers to declare their candidacy. Mr. Woolley thought, if a teen can run, then why not a dog?

Mr. Woolley said in order for Angus to win in Kansas, he'd have to run as a Republican.

Reflecting on Angus' qualifications, Mr. Woolley said:

"He's a good dog, he's smart. And I think he could provide better leadership than what we've had the last seven years in our state."

Woolley's wife, Tina, was the campaign treasurer. The couple's other animals rounded out the fellow politicians, with Babe, a smooth-haired Vizsla, acting as running mate and Max the cat potentially earning the title of Director of Department of Transportation.
Executive Director of the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission, Mark Skoglund, said they would be "statutorily obligated" to let Angus run if Secretary of State Kris Kobach determined the dog was eligible. However, Kobach's Director of Elections relayed that a dog could not "file and put its name on the ballot."
Mr. Kobach's spokeswoman Samantha Poetter told CNN:

"Kansas statute and the Kansas Constitution make repeated references to a person being Governor. Nor can a dog carry out the statutory and constitutional duties required of a Governor."

Other states, however, are not as clear in their distinctions, leading many four-legged friends to run for office. Pit bull Brynneth Pawltrow became Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, beating out a chicken, donkey, and little boy.

It seems which species are able to run in elections is determined according to local and state laws, but the political parties of non-human animals is always up in the air.


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