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Ember the Dog Reacts to Trying Mango for the First Time

Dogs can eat a wide variety of human food, especially healthy fruits like watermelon, bananas, pineapple, and more. However, that doesn't mean they always want to. Dogs have different palates and may not feel the same way about tasty human food as we do. Take mango, for example. This sweet treat's texture can be off-putting, even to humans! So it was no surprise when one pup had a hilarious reaction after trying the tropical fruit for the first time. Ember the dog's owner, @crawfordctracy, posted a video of the pooch attempting to eat a mango and her response just about broke the internet.


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With drool dripping from her mouth, Ember readily snatches the mango out of her owner's hand. However, once she gets it into her mouth, she starts to rethink her choice. Time seems to stand still as Ember sits in the kitchen, completely frozen, holding the mango in her mouth. Every now and then, the dog readjusts the fruit—but nothing seems to help the situation.

The TikTok universe gave this good girl plenty of love for being brave enough to give the fruit a shot in the first place. One viewer commented, "There's a lot of thinking..." While another said, "Time to change the batteries." The most relatable comment may be, "Reminds me of the kid that wanted to try the cocoa powder. Not what he was hoping for." So relatable!

While some people suggested that this failed fruit experiment may make Ember develop trust issues, we don't think Ember's paw-rents are going to worry about this one. In the comment section, her owner let everyone know that curious pup did eventually eat the mango.


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And, of course, she's loving her newfound TikTok fame!

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