These Silly Dog Butt Magnets Will Spruce up Your Fridge

A dog magnet makes an affordable and functional gift for a dog mom, best friend, or any dog owner for that matter.

Unlike stickers and decals, a dog magnet serves a purpose. Refrigerator magnets can be used to hang pictures of your cute dog, children's artwork, coupons, and reminders of upcoming doggie vet visits. There's a fridge magnet for nearly every dog breed. When in doubt, a dog paw magnet will do to boost any pet lovers' home decor.

8 Cute Dog Magnets to Deck Out Your Fridge 

1. Imagine This Company "My Therapist Has A Wet Nose" Magnet, Oval Shape

Of course, we know you talk to your therapy dog. Pets provide unconditional love, and they're always up for some snuggles and cute dog kisses. This funny dog magnet is ideal for any pet lover.

2. Imagine This Company "Rescued Dogs Rock" Magnet, Oval Shape

Did you rescue a mutt from the shelter or fall in love with a Dachshund from the pound? This magnet is for you. And it's just so true. Rescue dogs are a breed of their own. Best friends until the end, it makes you wonder, who rescued who?

3. Primitives by Kathy Dog Magnet Set, 3 count

What a cool set of three refrigerator magnets that will spice up your home decor while declaring, "I love my dog!" If you're into the primitive pioneer style, you can't find a better set of doggie magnets than these.

4. MISWEE 24-pcs magnetic fridge magnets refrigerator sticker home decoration accessories magnet paste arts crafts (dog)

Score some major points with your dog lover best friend and split this set of vintage sticker-style cute dog magnets. With 24 in the pack, there's enough for all the dog owners in your pack.

5. Paper House Productions 4" x 1.75" Die-Cut Peace, Love, Paw Dog Lover Magnet for Refrigerators and Lockers

Peace, love, and paw prints. You don't need a specific dog breed magnet to show your love for man's best friend. This set of three magnets are perfect for the fridge or any teen's school locker because they're just so cool.

6. Declare Gifts Hungry Dog Refrigerator Magnet - Feed The Dog Indicator/Reminder Magnet

A fridge magnet that reminds a dog dad or dog mom when it's time to eat? Makes sense. After all, dogs are pretty vocal when it comes to their hunger pangs.

7. Fox Run Dog Butt Magnets, 1 x 4.25 x 7.5 inches

Little wigglebutts will adorn your home decor and provide function as refrigerator magnets. Featuring all sorts of mutts and a fire hydrant, as every doggie parents know, Fido can't resist those.

8. Dog Sticker Galaxy Collection - Laptop Stickers - 2.5" Vinyl Decal - Laptop, Phone, Tablet Vinyl Decal Sticker

If you love doggy stickers but don't want the adhesive residue mess they leave behind, check out an out-of-this-world alternative. A nice 5" size makes this galaxy theme magnet ideal for cars, lockers, or for use as a fridge magnet.

If you didn't find the dog magnet you wear searching for from this list, be sure to check out Amazon for new products. The dog lovers' collection is endless.

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