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Dog Leaps From Truck Bed Onto Busy Highway

A viral TikTok video renewed the debate of whether dogs should ride in the back of a pickup truck. ??

In the video posted by TikTok user Nely, @nelyailin, you can see her following behind a Ford pickup truck as a dog rides in the back of the bed. She catches the exact moment the dog jumps from the moving vehicle and tumbles into the roadway, landing on its front legs and rolling across several lanes of traffic.

Editor's Note: The following video does not contain graphic injuries, but it may be unsettling for some viewers.

Dog Jumps From Truck Bed


I had a feeling he was going to jump , I was trying to go slow af ?? poor baby #ohno #dog #poor #baby #foryoupage

? Oh No - Kreepa

The TikToker's video caused a stir with pet owners everywhere. The video shows the heart-wrenching leap from the bed of the truck where the pup was unsecured.

The video was captioned with, "I had a feeling he was going to jump, I was trying to go slow af."

Comments ranged from Brittany saying, "THIS IS WHY YOU DONT PUT YOUR DOG IN THE BACK OF A FREAKING TRUCK," to ky asking, "Did they stop to get him that area gets mad traffic."

Nely confirmed that the owner did stop and retrieve the dog who jumped.

How to Safely Take Your Dog For A Car Ride

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Many dog owners take their dogs for rides in their cars. Some dog breeds do better than others, especially when it is their first time in a moving car. A new dog may not do well in the back of the vehicle. Initial car rides should be taken inside the car to get your pup used to the ride. Some rescue dogs may also have trauma associated with noise, and sitting just in the back of the truck may be scary for the pooch.

The tailgate to your truck should be closed, and your pup should be secured if you choose to let them ride in the back of your truck. However, your pup needs to be secure even if they are inside your vehicle for your safety and theirs.

In March, Poodle Ginger jumped out the window of her owner's moving car. The pup was okay and thoroughly checked out by her vet.

What To Do If Your Pup Jumps

If your dog does jump from your vehicle, you should take it to a vet immediately to get checked out. Even if your pup looks like it is okay, it may have internal injuries.

If you witness a dog jump out of a moving truck and the owner does not realize it, you can call animal control to pick up the pooch and get it to safety until the owner can be located.

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