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Dash Cam Captures Driver Helping Lost Dog Find Its Way Home

A man driving along a winding road came across a loose dog, and his dash cam captured what happened as he led this lost pooch to safety! 

It was probably just an ordinary day for one U.K. driver, traveling along a winding road on an overcast afternoon as seen via his dash cam footage. Suddenly, a large brown dog appears on the right side of the screen, positioned directly in the center of the road. With cars zooming in either direction, the pooch is in direct danger of becoming hit, prompting the upstanding citizen to stop his car in order to block traffic.

Now safe to step out, the man walks toward the frightened pup, who greets him with a low, cautious tail wag. Seemingly friendly, the man now does his best to lead the dog up into a nearby driveway, away from passing cars coming from the opposite direction.

Despite a few flops onto his back, the dog eventually complies, allowing the man to get back to his car to phone the local police.

Luckily this pooch lived only 800 yards up the road, where it eventually ran back to. Because the dog's collar didn't contain his address, the man wasn't able to return him to safety himself, which goes to show how important keeping contact info visible and current with a tag or microchip is for your pet's health and safety, especially if they're prone to slipping away.

While it's not always advised to approach a strange dog, taking care of those lost souls out there is a responsibility we humans have brought onto ourselves. Even if you can't get out into the street yourself, always call the local police or animal control departments to help get these pets the care they need, and if possible, wait for help to arrive to keep close tabs on the pet at hand.

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This article was originally published December 19, 2016.

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