Dog Gets Hit by Car, But What the Other 4 Strays Did Will Make You Cry

The pack of dogs was trying to cross a busy road. 

But only four out of the five dogs made it safely.

A car traveling on the busy road in Lanzhou, China could not swerve out of the way and hit and killed one of the dogs. The four other dogs saw their friend left in the middle of the street, the driver reportedly didn't even stop, and went back into rushing traffic

Meanwhile, cars sped by dangerously close, but the dogs would not budge. They stood over the struck-down dog, nuzzling him and trying to get him to move out of the way. The dogs seem to truly be mourning.

The video was posted to the Chinese social media site Weibo where it quickly went viral.

The dogs truly don't seem to understand their friend won't move, and it is heartbreaking.

People around the world who saw the video saw the good in these stray dogs. One Weibo user commented:

 "If only humans could be more like these dogs." 

The dogs stayed in the center of the road until someone finally stopped their car to move the dead dog's body.


Videos like these are awfully hard to watch but they prove what most dog owners already know. Dog have a sixth sense to recognize emotion and it is undeniable that they show empathy. This is why we rely on canines, and have for centuries, for companionship, protection, and help when we physically or emotionally need it.

Dogs are truly special creatures and we are lucky to have them. They are called man's best friend for good reason.

Did this video break your heart? Tell us in the comments below. 

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