This Movie Theater Features Bottomless Wine with Your Pooch

You had me at dogs, wine and movies! This literally describes the perfect Friday night for our family. Wouldn't it be nice to see something new instead of Netflix though? We don't have a theater here near where we live that is dog-friendly so I'm really jealous this exists in a state that is so far away!

A dog-friendly movie theater in Texas opened last year and the tickets also include unlimited wine! What? That is amazing. 

According to, 

"It was created by Eric Lankford and his Australian Eskimo, Bear, after he spotted a gap in the market. A ticket for one human and one dog, including bottomless wine (or four whiskeys) for the human, costs a very reasonable $15."

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There are theme nights like the recent showing they did of Game of Thrones but no new releases.

You have to clean up after your dog, and on your first visit, you need to bring medical records from your vet showing they're up to date on vaccinations. 

The owner's statement on Facebook tells us, 

"Turns out when you start a passion project with a decade of experience building businesses and turn that experience on to something you sincerely love, something special happens. I simply want to make other people as happy as Bear makes me. When our customers come through our doors it's nothing but smiles and laughter."

Can you imagine being able to bring your best friend to the movies? Fido can have dog treats and just watch the movie with you! We love this story so much we're going to see who in town wants to invest in a pet-friendly move theater. We'd want to go every day!

This owner started with a pop-up theater before moving into a space so anything is possible.  The other option is to take your dog to a drive-in-theater but we don't have one of those close either!

Do you have a theater near you that is dog-friendly? Please let us know in the comments below!

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