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Dog Found Chained in Basement Is Looking for a New Home

When a new homeowner took a tour of his recently purchased property, he found something he wasn't expecting.

The St. Louis resident opened the door to his new basement, but a pair of eyes kept him from going down the stairs. With help from a flashlight, the man saw a mostly white dog standing at the bottom of the stairs. It had a chain around its neck and was clearly abandoned.

Not knowing how long the dog had been down there, the homeowner called Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Rescuers rushed to the house hoping they weren't too late. When they arrived, the dog was ecstatic to see them. She started wagging her tail and pulling against the chain. When she was finally free, she jumped on her new friends over and over. Her exuberant behavior earned her the name "Jumping Bean," and rescuers wasted no time in getting her out of her dark prison.

Jumping Bean was brought to the shelter to be checked by a vet, but in the meantime, everyone wanted to know how she ended up chained in that basement. The homeowner who found her said he didn't know how long she was down there. Through some digging, they eventually learned the house was previously occupied by a squatter. They left behind a pile of garbage, and it seems Jumping Bean was just another thing they didn't want to keep.

Despite her past life, rescuers are determined to give the affectionate dog the best possible future. She's a three-year old "terrier blend" who loves people. After spending so much time alone in the dark, Jumping Bean has a love for life. She's looking for a person who will care for her always and take the time to play and have fun. If you're interested in adopting her, fill out an application with Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

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