Meet the Most Adorable Dog & Bunny Friends, Bear & Mighty Smols

A dog and bunny friends? These two make for the cutest furry duo.

Cats and dogs are becoming more of a common occurrence. But what about dog and bunny friends?

Rabbits are generally thought of as pets that sit in a hutch or come out every now and then to hop around. However, these small animals have become more popular like their dog and cat counterparts. Besides, who wouldn't want baby bunnies hopping around their living rooms? Puppy and bunny set the pet friends bar pretty high. This Golden Retriever and his bunny make for the cutest best friends.

Bear & Mighty Smols


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These two furry friends make for a delightful pair! It seems like they were meant to be buds from the first time they met. Bear is such a good and gentle doggie around Mighty Smols. You can tell that from their body language; Bear loves him very much. It's like the dog gets the pet rabbit, and they completely understand one another. Bear even cleans Mighty Smols with gentle licks, snuggles him when he is scared, and is always there for a cuddle.

The new friends are likely to be friends forever.

Rabbits and Dogs As Friends

If you are inspired by Bear and Mighty Smols to bring home a new animal, there are a few aspects you need to consider before introduced a bunny to a dog.

Traditionally, dogs and bunnies are on opposite ends of the food chain. In the wild, bunnies are prey animals, as are other small pets like guinea pigs. If your dog has a high prey drive, you may run into a problem with their hunting instincts kicking in and thinking that the rabbit is a play toy. There are many horror stories on the internet of aggressive dogs not doing well with small animals. Of course, it all depends on the dog breed.

Pups like Labradors and Golden Retrievers are more likely to leave it alone while breeds that were originally bred to chase or hunt like Beagles, Greyhounds, and German Shepherds may have a more difficult time adjusting to the new addition and may even lunge a the bunny.

A small dog may do a lot better with a rabbit. As always, when you introduce a new animal, you have to start with some socialization.

The rabbit breed can make a difference too. Holland Lop bunnies tend to be very friendly and can be seen snuggling up to pups all over the internet.

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