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Dog Abandoned at Boarding Facility Is Still There, 4 Months Later

It's normal for pet parents to use a trusted boarding facility or pet sitter while they are on vacation. However, vacations are meant to be temporary. We leave for a couple of days, or even a week, before coming back to pups who have been well cared for. Of course, they miss us horribly because we are their humans. Their constant. Their reason for existing! Most pet owners feel the same way about their pets; it's hard to be away from them for any amount of time. However, as @_keke_b's recent TikTok video shows us, some owners use boarding facilities as a way to get rid of unwanted pets. These animals are abandoned after being dropped off for "vacation" stays and, unfortunately, the practice happens more often than you'd think. In this case, the poor dog has been stuck at a boarding facility for four months.


Chuffy was dropped off before his family's alleged vacation and was never picked up. The pup has spent four months hanging out in the facility, spending time with the employees and other dogs. While there's no sign of his family, one of the employees has grown attached to Chuffy and hopes to adopt him soon. She explains the entire story in a follow-up video.

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The woman mentions that there is only so much of the story she can share right now because she doesn't want to lose her chance to bring this loving boy home with her. Apparently, Chuffy was dropped off in April and his family said they were taking a trip to California. However, when it came time to pick him up, they never showed up. The facility called their phone number, but it was out of service. They called the emergency number only to find that it didn't work either. When they charged the card on file for the overnight stay, it was declined. They sent letters to the address on file and called both numbers daily to no avail. Since this employee works for a corporation, there is a standard process to follow in situations like this. But, in another follow-up clip, she said she should be able to bring him home with her in two weeks or so.


Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments! ?? I am hoping that chuffy will get to come home in 2 weeks. I know a lot of people asked why I couldnt already take him and that is because this is a corporation not a small business so I have to follow what they tell me. Its been such a hard waiting game but I can see the finish line and I?m so excited to get him home??

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This adorable pup has a heartbreaking story, but hopefully it has a happy ending. Good luck, Chuffy!!

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