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Woman Rescues a Puppy That Was Tossed Away With the Trash

There are so many options for people who either no longer want or can no longer care for their pet. They can take them to a shelter or a rescue, or even try to re-home them on social media. There are countless listings for dogs on sites like Craigslist, Nextdoor, and Facebook. While social media re-homing isn't always the safest choice, it's better than leaving a dog on the side of the road—which is where one woman found an abandoned puppy.

TikTok user Taylor Dixon was out walking her dog one morning near an area of Houston where people dump things they don't want anymore. It's filled with tables, chairs, couches, buckets, and trash. Amongst the rubbish, there was something unexpected: a tiny puppy. Taylor posted about her discovery, and the subsequent rescue, on her TikTok page @tjadedix.


I?ll never understand how ppl can be so cruel but babygirl will be okay! If anyone knows of someone in Houston that might want a sweet baby girl pup, pls lmk ???? #ReTokforNature #PostitAffirmations #fyp #fyp? #fypage #abandoned #abandonedpuppies #abandonedpuppy #dogrescue #dogrescuer #dogrescuecheck #houston #houstontx #puppylove #puppytiktok #puppy

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At the beginning of the video, she's walking down the road showing viewers the amount of trash left there, explaining that it's common for people to dump things out there. As she was walking, a puppy peered out from under an overturned table. Her dog Caine desperately wanted to go to the pup and help it, almost like he knew it was suffering.

The next day, Taylor went out there again with her own dog and her two nieces. They brought some food and water with them, hoping they could coax the puppy out and get him to safety. After they found him, they realized that the abandoned dog didn't want to come out of his hiding place. Once Taylor and her sister moved the table out of the way, the puppy sat there, wagging his tail. It's almost like he knew they were there to help!

When Taylor picked the puppy up, she found out that he was actually a she. They placed the dog in a tub with shallow water to cool off and rehydrate—but her rescue story didn't end there. She was eventually adopted by Sydney, an NBA dancer with Clutch City Dancers. Sydney posted an update about her new furry family member on her TikTok account, @syd.at.sid.


Replying to @josephinejames46 OK ACTUAL PUPPY UPDATE!!!! @tjadedix is the one who saved her?? Sorry ik its choppy but i wanted y?all to see this strong baby!!! Sorry for the glitchy vid before, this is the real one!!! #dogrescue #abandonedpuppy #houstontx #puppy

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She let viewers know that the puppy went to the vet and had a great visit. She is now up to date on all of her shots, and they are dealing with some intestinal parasites, but she is doing well. They also found out she is 12 weeks old. Sydney said in the video that the pup is adjusting, but overall everything is great. She didn't have a name quite yet, but invested viewers didn't need to wait long to find out.


SHE HAS A NAME???? #dogrescue #abandonedpuppy #houstontx #ivy

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The sweet pup has been named Ivy, and she is settling into her new home perfectly. What a lucky little girl!

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