secret snowmobile compartment
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Does Your Garage Have a Secret Snowmobile Compartment in the Ceiling?

Now this is how you store your machines in style.

OK, so this guy either strongly values floorspace in his garage or he's hiding something in his snowmobile. Regardless of what his intentions are, though, this is one of the coolest garage upgrades I've ever seen.

As you walk by what looks like a pull-down staircase to an attic, you'd never believe there was a fully functional, Batmobile-style secret compartment that drops down from this dude's ceiling.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Watch the video below:

Something tells me this guy doesn't only have one secret door. I think it's probably safe to assume he's prepared for the end of the world, likely having built an underground bunker, secret doors all over his house, secret firearm compartments, etc.

However, if you're going to build a secret, drop-down platform like this, it's an absolute necessity that it features something awesome. Like, could you imagine if that thing dropped down and it was just a lawn mower?

This guy did it right, though, as that snowmobile is no joke.

The other thing that's hard not to notice is the abundance of floorspace he already has. I mean, look, if you want to hide your snowmobile, by all means, do your thing. But, it doesn't look like he's short on space whatsoever.

Do you have any secret compartments you're willing to reveal? Let us know?