Do You Make Your Wild Game Burgers 100% Lean Like This Guy?

What's your go-to technique for wild game burgers?

You've almost certain eaten, and probably made, your own harvested wild game burger. For good reason; they're tough to beat in terms of versatility and ease of prep.

But we'd bet you get ground wild game meat back from a processor with added fat, don't you? Or if you're grinding it yourself, you're adding fat. That's great and the typical way of doing it, but it's not entirely necessary.

A big part of the appeal of wild game is the fact that it's leaner than farmed meat. But if you're adding fat, you're taking away from that lean factor. If you really want to keep things basic, watch this video and see what these guys do to their wild game burgers.

This is a little unorthodox, especially for those of you who've dialed in a great wild game burger recipe that utilizes added pork or beef fat. As Marcus Hockett, Field Producer for Randy Newberg and wild game connoisseur, explained in the video, it's the best way to get things to stick together. If you don't use fat, there are probably egg yolks or some other binding ingredient added in.

Not so fast. If you grind only the game meat, add some elbow grease into your patty-pressing duties, and toss it on a hot grill, you're going to come out with something delicious.

But don't just take this video's word for it and try making burgers this way yourself. There's only one way to find out if it's for you, and that's to give it a shot.