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This BBQ Bacon Elk Burger Will Change Your Life

BBQ bacon elk burger

This BBQ bacon elk burger will change the way you prepare burgers. 

It's easy as pie, but it tastes amazing. First, grab a pound or a pound and a half of ground elk meat and patty it together to the size you enjoy. For this BBQ bacon elk burger, you can use any BBQ you prefer, but Hushin prefers Sweet Baby Rays.

You then marinade the meat in the BBQ sauce of your choice as you form the hamburger patties.

You can obviously cook the burgers on the grill, but these guys decide to in their leftover bacon grease. After the burgers cook, add whatever toppings you like. These guys complement the burger with pepper jack or colby jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.

You also don't have to use elk. You can use beef, deer, antelope or any other ground meat of your choice.

Let us know what awesome burger recipes you enjoy!

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This BBQ Bacon Elk Burger Will Change Your Life