Hank Shaw Makes His Javelina Pozole Verde for Randy Newberg

Well-known wild game chef Hank Shaw butchers and prepares an Arizona javelina in a delicious, chunky Mexican stew.

There are two kinds of pozole, or Mexican stew: red and green. Hank Shaw says the green (verde) pozole goes best with lighter-colored meats like javelina or pork.

First, Shaw shows you how to slice up a javelina carcass to get the front and back legs, while avoiding the "skunk pig's" scent glands. Be careful not to nick the gland, or you'll taint the meat. If you do happen to cut the gland, Shaw instructs you to stop what you're doing, wash your knife and your hands, and wipe down the meat you contaminated. Then, wipe it down again with some vinegar.

Shaw cooks the meat on a small charcoal grill while he preps the vegetables for the stew. The key to a lot of good grilled Mexican food is the char that's achieved by modestly burning the surface of the meat, vegetable or fruit that you're cooking.

This is all pretty simple, too. Roughly cut the meat and veggies, then salt and place them on the grill until they achieve a good char.

Shaw nicely explains and demonstrates the recipe, with a lot of good little tips along the way.

Randy Newberg and his gang of friends give Shaw's pozole an enthusiastic thumbs up.

"That's freakin' good!" Brian Call exclaims.

You can use just about any light-colored meat to make this pozole, such as rabbit, turkey, quail and even chicken.

"Anyone who says javelina can't be made to be palatable has never eaten this," Newberg says.

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