archery targets from carpet

How to Make Your Own Archery Targets Using Old Carpet

Tired of spending good money on archery targets? Then try this cheap, but sturdy, option instead.

Archery targets can be expensive depending on how much you shoot, and what you shoot into them. Coming up with a way to create your own targets can be a challenge. It has to be dense enough to stop your arrows from piercing through, but not so hard that they won't penetrate.

Lucky for you, the guys at Antler Geeks have worked this out for you. They spend a lot of their time creating some pretty cool and useful DIY videos for all of us Macgyver outdoorsmen out there. This time, they found a pretty good way to make some tough, long-lasting targets from old carpet.

This may not be the quickest project in the world to complete, but looks to be very effective as an archery target. Just remember what he says about selecting the right carpet so you don't tear up your practice arrows or gum them up.

The only downfall I could see to this is that has to be really heavy and I would hate to ever have to move it around anywhere. Especially if it ever got rained on.

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