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This Little Girl Has Great Archery Skills and One Arm, What’s Your Excuse?


This little girl has what it takes when shooting a bow. She’s only got one complete arm, but that doesn’t deter her one bit. 

I think this industrious little girl’s name is Andi. That’s all the info I have on her. She has one arm that is complete, while her left arm is half-complete. Don’t tell her that, though; she may not believe you.

She takes barely an additional step or two in nocking an arrow and shooting her compound bow. And her accuracy is enviable, as she clearly hits the target like it’s no big deal. (And to her, it’s not).

First, she holds the bow between her knees and nocks an arrow with her right hand.

She has an interesting harness that runs across her chest and over her left shoulder. It has a mouth-activated release that she attaches to the string after bringing the bow up to her face to engage it.

Then, twisting her body slightly to align the arrow sights with the target, she releases. Her posture seems a little awkward, but obviously, it’s perfect for her. She nails the target three times in this short video.

Does she have a disability? I suppose, but you could have fooled me with the matter-of-fact manner with which she releases the arrows. It seems more like a minor inconvenience. With modern technology being what it is, disabilities are really just a frame of mind. And this girl has the right frame of mind.

Hats off to this little girl, and hats off to her parents, who have clearly raised a young lady for whom excuses are not an option when following your passion.

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This Little Girl Has Great Archery Skills and One Arm, What’s Your Excuse?