These Cancer-Fighting Smoothie Treats Will Help Your Dog Live Longer

When it comes to fueling our bodies, prioritizing healthy and natural ingredients is key. Of course, our four-legged friends should be no exception! Just ask Bryce and Kenzie of @thebkpets, who are taking #PetTok by storm with their DIY approach to nourishing our fur babies.

"Do you spoil your dogs like the sweet angel baby children that they are? If so, keep watching," Bryce says in a recent video, hooking their audience of more than 880,000 followers. "We've dedicated this entire account to helping you enrich and extend the lives of your pets." By sharing information about topics like nutrition, mental enrichment, and physical exercise, the Wyoming-based couple helps pawrents navigate all things pets. Among their most popular videos are their healthy dog treat recipes that viewers can easily replicate at home with kitchen staples.

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In an instructional video for smoothie treats, the duo revealed their go-to ingredients for a thriving pooch. After cracking two eggs into the blender, Bryce explained that as a superfood, the nutrient-rich ingredient boasts many natural benefits. "Next, we'll add one tablespoon of chia seeds," he says, noting the ingredient's benefits for pets' skin and coats. To improve the gut microbiome, the TikToker also poured in a fermented milk drink called kefir. The final and most unexpected ingredient? Catnip! That's right, the herb known for stimulating felines actually has the reverse effect on pups. "Catnip contains vitamin C and is a natural sedative for dogs helping to relieve stress and anxiety," Bryce said as he added a dash of the plant into the smoothie. After freezing the blend overnight in an ice cube tray, pet owners can serve this snack to their furry friends as a special treat or meal topper.


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But the healthy treats don't stop there!

"Did you know that 50% of the dogs that pass away over the age of 10 do so because of some form of cancer? Let's make smoothie treats to help combat this," Bryce said at the start of another recipe video. In order to make these treats, he combines broccoli, carrots, kefir, water, and a squeeze of supplements in a blender before pouring the mixture into a silicone mold and freezing it. "All of these ingredients will support your dog's immune system and help their body heal naturally," he explains.


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Other videos include recipes catered to anxiety, skin and coat issues, and dental health.


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"I've learned so much to incorporate into our daily routines," one grateful TikTok user said after taking advice from Bryce and Kenzie. We couldn't agree more. Your dog will thank you later!

Would you make these DIY treats for your pooch? Let us know on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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