The Best Dental Dog Treats for Happy Pets & Healthy Teeth

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Dogs need dental care, too — and taking care of their teeth can keep your dog pain-free and healthier in the long run. While you should always go to the vet for frequent teeth cleanings and a check-up to ensure they're not suffering from periodontal disease, there are things you can do at home to keep teeth strong. Of course, you can brush their teeth, but that can be complicated for skittish or nervous dogs. The easiest way you can practice good oral care is with dental dog treats. The best dental treats for dogs work a lot like a good toothbrush for humans: They help keep plaque at bay and freshen breath, and they're most effective when used daily. When looking for the right ones, we chose options approved by the VOHC (veterinary oral health council).

Dental dog treats are a tasty, simple way to take care of your pet. Since dogs are also susceptible to things like gingivitis and gum disease, it's an important added step to your pooch's routine — but they'll love eating them so much, they won't even know it's for their health. So be sure to incorporate dental chews into your dog's diet, and here are our top picks below:

Best Dental Chews for Dogs

1. Our Top Pick

Greenies Original Large Dental Chews (24-Pack) - Amazon, $27.18

Greenies are the gold standard for dental chews — the toothbrush-shaped treats come vet-recommended, freshen breath, and tackle both plaque and tartar. They come in lots of size options for dogs from five all the way up to 100 pounds. They're also easily digestible and made with natural ingredients that come fortified with additional vitamins and minerals for a healthier-than-average treat. We love that they come in all different flavor options, like a blueberry flavor for pickier dogs.

2. Best Beef-Flavored Option


Verbac Veggiedent Tartar-Control Chews (30-Pack) - Amazon, $32.30

If mint-flavored treats aren't for your pet, try out these Veggiedent chews that reduce tartar. They're a little bit softer than the Greenies, too, but also clean teeth, freshen breath, and are easy to digest. Even though they're beef-flavored, they're actually plant-based and contain no meat, artificial ingredients, or chemical additives. The unique V-shape also guarantees to get in every nook and cranny of your dog's teeth.

3. Best for Aggressive Chewers


Checkups- Dental Dog Treats (24-Pack) - Amazon, $21.90

This treat takes a little bit longer to eat than some of the other options, so reviewers say it's pretty great for aggressive chewers. It reduces plaque by up to 25% and tartar by up to 62%. One reviewer wrote: "My oldest dog, 9, has had zero dental problems. The vet is always impressed with her pearly whites. She has had no bad breath issues. I highly recommend them."

4.  Best for Older Dogs


Greenies Aging Care Dental Chews (45-Pack) - Amazon, $30.98

The original Greenies are great, but these are made for older dogs — and most importantly, are 50% softer than traditional dog dental chews. Senior dogs are susceptible to tooth loss, and this is an excellent way to care for them in this stage of life. Additionally, it contains vitamins specifically suited for older dogs, like ones that boost immunity and maintain joint health.

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