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Disc Golfer Makes Throw, Nails Deer

If you can play disc golf this well, you may as well become a deer hunter.

An epic disc golf shot by a legendary player named Nora left one mild mannered whitetail deer thinking that it was hunting season again.

At the beginning of the video she can even be heard saying "I'll never hear the end of it if I kill a deer..."

Truer words were never spoken by a kindly woman that just wanted to enjoy some Frisbee golf, but with an aim like that, we're hoping that she takes up deer hunting for real this year!

Watch as a friendly outdoor game almost turns deadly (not really) for a doe that was just trying to eat the lawn.

You have to see what happens when the disc comes in for a landing; it might be  the most fun thing about the entire video!

We already knew how high a deer can jump, but now so does Nora! What's more fun about the video, the deer jumping or her reaction?

She has one strong arm and we're sure that she could easily draw back any bow made, but honestly, we are just hoping that another person has had some fun in the outdoors.

How many of us are now thinking of a way to use a flying disc to get their deer this season?

Drones are now even legal in some states, but when they start letting people mount firearms to them, I think even we would think better of it. Let's just stick to our bows, rifles, and shotguns, eh?

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