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Top 15 Golfing Accessories for Hunters

It may not be hunting season, but that doesn't mean you can't sport your true passion.

It's officially summer. And while that means there will be lots of nice weather, outdoor fun, fishing, and boating, let's face it, we're all really waiting for hunting season. In between checking trail cameras and refreshing your mineral sites, you've got to fill the time somehow. For many of us, that means hitting the links.

While golf can be a great distraction, it simply doesn't get us as excited as hunting. One simple way to adjust this is to blend the two passions. Here are 15 of the top golf accessories to help get you through summer and still satisfy your itch for some camo.

1. Callaway X2 Hot Hat
Callaway X2 Hat

Because when was the last time you turned down another camouflage hat? Buy it here.

2. Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas Limited Edition Camo

A good pair of hunting boots is crucial to being comfortable and performing at your highest level in the field. These camouflage-infused shoes approach golf with the same attitude. In love? You can see more here.

3. FootJoy Glove

footjoy glove
FootJoy Spectrum Glove

This glove is so cool we might just pick up an extra as our new shooters glove.

4. Buckshot Golf Balls

Buckshot Golf Balls

Even if they don't improve your game, pulling out a giant shotgun shell on the course should get some fun looks. Ready? Pull.

5. Realtree Putter


Realtree Putter

No guarantees you'll actually make any more of those three foot putts, but you'll sure look good trying. Snap one up here.

6. Cleveland Rotex 2.0 Golf Clubs

Cleveland Custom Edition Camo Wedge

These may very well be the best looking clubs we've ever seen. See more options available from Cleveland Golf.

7. Mossy Oak Printed Cover

Mossy Oak Club Crown

Prefer the clubs you already have? Choose from your favorite Mossy Oak print and crown the top with a fresh new look. Multiple options available.

8. Realtree Grips

Realtree Grips

You need new grips anyway. Customize your clubs with unique camouflage prints from Realtree. Want our recommendation? Pick up a different color for drivers, irons, and your putter.

9. Sun Mountain Three 5 Bag

Sun Mountain Golf Bag

This golf bag will have you standing out on the course for all the right reasons.

10. RTIC Tumbler

rtic tumbler
RTIC 30 Tumbler

Something has to keep that drink cold out there in the blistering heat. This RTIC Tumbler will keep every drink as cold as the first sip.

11. Camouflage Seat Covers

seat covers
Camouflage Seat Covers

You might as well match your truck with camouflage seat covers. It's the only logical thing to do.

12. Bad Boy Buggy Ambush

Bad Boy Ambush

Maybe you'd rather just upgrade your whole rig. Good call. We're not sure if this would be legal on a golf course, but either way, it should be. "Wait. Was that a duck? Here, hold my club for a second..."

13. Camouflage Cart Cover

Cart Cover

Can't quite justify the Bad Boy Buggy? Try a camo cart cover instead. Bonus - It doubles as a great mobile ground blind.

14. Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Golf Shirt

A wise man once said, "Look sharp. Play sharp." This lightweight polo will have you looking sharp and staying cool.

15. Camouflage Knickers

Camouflage Knickers

Let's be honest. You're already making a fool of yourself on the course. Why not do so in style? Besides, these knickers double as fantastic waders to retrieve your ball from the stream. Maybe even double back to that stream after your round is over and do a little fly fishing. No judgement here.

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Top 15 Golfing Accessories for Hunters