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Did This Guy Just Shoot a .50 Cal Round Out of a Pistol?

50 cal pistol

Is this an actual .50-caliber round being fired from a pistol, and why did they let this rookie shoot it?

This guy appears to have Luke Skywalker’s blaster from the very first Star Wars movie. But, it seems to actually be a pistol that can fire a very large caliber of ammunition.

While we all want a crack at firing this thing, it’s hard to look past the number of safety rules that weren’t followed in this video.

Count the safety violations:

Man shoots a .50 cal rifle cartridge out of a pistol

Posted by Gun Hub on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

There’s a school of thought that you don’t blame the dog for having a bad trainer. He handed the guy the ammunition, watched him load it, and then saw him turn around toward him with the barrel aimed right at his body.

Also, the shooter completely forgot his hearing protection on one side. And, it kind of looked like he pointed it at the guy’s head afterwards, too.

What do you think? Eventually, you have to let a rookie shooter load and fire, but he should’ve worked with him a whole lot more beforehand.


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Did This Guy Just Shoot a .50 Cal Round Out of a Pistol?