Did These Middle Schoolers Just Solve the Deer Car Collision Problem?

A middle school's Lego League team might have solved the problem of vehicle collisions with deer.

Have you ever thought about how to possibly slow down or stop vehicle accidents with deer? There might be a start on a solution, thanks in large part to a group of middle schoolers from Muir Middle School.

In a report done by Sharon Dargay of hometownlife.com, the group of kids were tasked to do an animal-related research project. They chose vehicle-deer accidents as their subject matter. What they came up with was KADTR, which stands for "keep animals' deaths off the road."

What the group did was very smart. They created an alert system involving two signs, infrared sensors, a sound system, reflectors and strobe lights. The sensors, which were stationed along the road, would detect if a car was approaching and if a deer was near or in the street. The device would send out a strobe light and random sounds to scare the deer away.

The Oakland County Road Commissioner and County Commissioner were invited to talk to the students about their project. They liked the idea, but they noticed a few things that would need to be tweaked to be used in a real world situation. The road signs on the side of the road are built so that if a car hits one, it doesn't kill the driver. The students' device would have to be solar-powered.

I think this idea could be revolutionary. If we could come up with a legitimate way to cut down on vehicle accidents, it would be a win-win situation for everybody.