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Delta Relaxes Rules on Emotional Support Animals, Not on Pit Bulls as On-Board Service or Support Animals

The Department of Transportation just updated their rules and we were thrilled to see what they had to say about bully breeds.

The U.S. Department Of  Transportation (DOT) provided an updated statement last month and it's all made very clear for those that need to fly with their service animals, ESA's and PSA's. The good news is all breeds are allowed to fly under this statement. Bully breeds should never have an issue. This includes dogs, cats, and miniature horses. 

If this was made super clear by the DOT then why isn't Delta Airlines willing to change its policy on pitties?

Here's what they are changing and their comments according to a press release they issued:

  • They are revoking a year-old ban on bringing emotional support animals on flights longer than eight hours. 
  • Delta was able to develop a solution to protect the health and safety of those on board while also allowing ESAs to fly on longer flights.
  • Pit bulls account for less than 5 percent of the overall dog population but 37.5 percent of vicious dog attacks. Understanding this risk, Delta has not come to a solution for allowing pit bulls onboard that satisfies its own rigorous safety requirements.

They claim they are worried about the safety of their passengers.

Certain animal behavior isn't specific to one breed but all dogs and service dogs are highly trained!

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Do you have a service animal? Does this impact you? Please leave a comment below.  

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